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  • What is your company doing?

    BTC MINING is a cryptocurrency investment platform. Our mission is to provide every user with reliable, safe and effective digital asset management tools. There are 4 main products in the BTC MINING BTC MINING system: a cryptocurrency storage wallet, cloud mining, a cryptocurrency exchanger, and investment portfolios. Our platform is easy to use: you can install the BTC MINING app and access all the tools in one place. It is available on the App Store and Google Play

  • What are the main products of your company?

    BTC MINING products include such services as:
    Cloud Mining: BTC MINING simplifies Bitcoin mining, offering users their first rewards in 24 hours without technical expertise or expensive equipment.
    Mining Farm: You can boost mining efficiency by purchasing ASIC miners through BTC MINING, with the company managing delivery, installation, and maintenance for a hassle-free experience.
    Crypto Growth Signals: Explore short-term crypto indexes, a smart product for high-risk investments, allowing clients to diversify holdings based on volatile market signals.
    All-in-One App: BTC MINING provides a user-friendly superapp for managing cryptocurrency activities, serving as a wallet, exchange, and information hub with real-time market insights

  • What is cloud mining?

    Cloud mining is rent of hash power of mining equipment. If you rent it, you do not need to buy expensive mining equipment and do not bear any risks associated with its breakdown.

  • What are the advantages of cloud mining?

    Cloud mining is a good alternative to self-mining and has many benefits. Below you can see just a few of them: Ease of investment. With cloud mining, all you have to do is choose a contract that suits your risk profile, and you are on your way to making good profits. No technical knowledge required. Thanks to cloud mining, you do not have to configure the equipment yourself, carry out powerful ventilation and reliable wiring.

    Flexibility. Cloud mining investments offer you different contracts, so you can choose the right contract by expiration date, investment size, risk profile, and even the expected bitcoin price. Reliability. By investing in cloud mining, you can be sure that the data center is regularly serviced and the equipment is updated frequently to reduce the likelihood of its breakdown. Lack of noise and heating of the room.

    You do not need to place cloud mining equipment at home, which means that you can earn on cryptocurrencies and live without unnecessary noise and heating of the room. Fast return on investment. Given the current complexity of the network, you can recoup your investment within six months. In addition, if the value of bitcoin rises, then you will receive additional income. Legality. BTC MINING is officially registered in the Special Economic Zone of Armenia. This allows us to relieve our clients of legal risks.